Current Exhibition

Tiny Art

September 10, 2016 - October 22, 2016

Opening Reception:

This Saturday, September 24, 7-9 p.m.

Prior to World War II, visual artists rarely worked in large-scale formats. But with the advent of the United States’ Abstract Expressionist movement in the late 1940s, large-format work became popular, along with monumental sculptures, sprawling installations and elaborate site-specific pieces. In response to this bigger-is-better attitude trend that is still with us, Kolman & Pryor Gallery announces the exhibition, Tiny Art, in which gallery artistsBetsy Ruth Byers, Kate Casanova, Jil Evans, Ernest Miller, Kelly Jean Ohl, Jodi Reeb, Danny Saathoff and Cameron Zebrun; and guest artists, Rachel Andrzejewski, Erik Benson, Nathanael Flink, and Jon Neuse, turn to smaller formats to investigate problems of scale and its relation to size. The show is curated by gallery co-owner, Patrick K. Pryor.

99185 BETTE Watercolor 6.5 x 4.375 72 d

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Gallery Artist of the Week

Kelly Jean Ohl!

Small, delicate and abstract, Kelly’s art objects reference biological entities throughout the natural world—whether clinging to rocks in a tidal pool, swimming beneath the viewfinder of a microscope or intertwined on a forest floor. She carves the works’ intricate designs using a variety of household utensils and dental tools. “When a collector picks up one of my pieces they see the detailed carving and feel the unique tactile quality of the surface. This is my way of acknowledging that the work was meant to be touched. It’s part of the experience.”


Installing Tiny Art

See Tiny Art being installed!

This video gives you a good sense of how small the artwork in this exhibit really is. But come and see it for yourself, September 10 through October 22.