About the Artist

Kate was named one of City Pages Artists of the Year in 2012 for work in which “cultural separations between object and flesh (whether animal, insect, vegetable), idea and inspiration exist to be reconfigured into, as she’s said, ‘poetic moments’ that unveil the taboo.” She’s a visual and performance artist and recently received her MFA at the University of Minnesota. Her collages, installations and other mixed-media, which are widely exhibited in Minnesota and in New York City, strive to capture “the unnerving beauty” she found in the snake nests, wolf kills and vivid landscapes of the Minnesota/Canadian border where she grew up. Her projects singularly combine collage with cloud imagery, video with live hermit crabs, and an upholstered chair as a medium for cultivating mushrooms. In doing so, Kate’s work draws from such conventions as the curiosity cabinet, the expedition, the nature book and the natural history museum for inspiration. “I work with both material and living organisms to create visual experiences in which sensation trumps language,” she says, “to create poetic moments that examine our human relationship to the natural world.”